Project Progress Period 1


Period 1: Jan 1st, 2013 to  Dec 31st, 2013


The first year of the project has mainly been devoted to preparing the large intervention trial and the protocol in WP1 to be approved by the national Ethical Committees for each intervention centre. Also as part of this preparation, guidelines for the two intervention diets and for the two intervention exercise prescriptions, a cooking book for each one of the two intervention diets, Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) and Instructions to participants have been written and translated to local languages. Electronic Case record forms have been developed, and OpenClinica has been selected and it is used for data entry. Beyond what was originally planned, a Physical Activity Log (PAL) to monitor subjects’ physical activity electronically has been developed on a separated platform.

The staff in the different intervention centres has been trained in diet and physical activity related matters, as well as in taking diverse measurements. In addition, they have attended a cooking course provided by professional chefs from Meyers Madhus, Copenhagen, Denmark.

All centres have started pre-screening and screening potential participants. Those eligible ones have been randomised to one of the four intervention groups: 1. High-protein, high intensity; 2. Medium-protein, high intensity; 3. High protein, moderate intensity and 4. Moderate protein, moderate intensity; and have started the 8 weeks weight-reduction phase with Cambridge Weight Plan (LCD diet).


For population studies (WP2), a document describing the construction of the common database from the participating epidemiological studies: The Netherlands (LifeLines, NQPlus), Finland (Young Finns Study), New Zealand (New Zealand Adult Nutrition Survey) and Canada (The Quebec Family Study), has been produced.


Specific measures on sleep in a subset of the intervention trial are done by the University of Maastricht (WP3). They have obtained the Ethical approval from the Medical Ethics Committee of the University Hospital of Maastricht, and afterwards started with the recruitment of subjects to participate in the sleep architecture and brain image tests, oriented to the study of the effect of the sleep and stress.


The main goal of WP4 is to analyse moderating or mediating influences of socio-ecological variables of behaviour change as well as evaluating socio-economic components and the public health impact of the Randomized Clinical Intervention Trial (RCT). To this end, a set of questionnaires has been compiled, and made available electronically through a Questionnaire Delivery Platform (QDP). Regarding the training on behavioural matters, a manual for the instructors has been produced and two training sessions for the instructors have been arranged.


In the dissemination work package WP5, the PREVIEW logo and corporate image have been defined and are now used in all project dissemination material. A PREVIEW Website has been developed, including both a public and a private section. A PREVIEW flyer and the 1st Newsletter have been issued. PREVIEW project has been disseminated in several national and international press-releases. In addition, the project has been presented in Workshops, Conferences and Symposia, such as the PREVIEW Parallel Symposium within the IUNS 20th International Congress of Nutrition in Granada, Spain. The PREVIEW Publication rules have been defined. With regards to exploitation matters, PREVIEW IPR policy has been defined.

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