Professor Anne Raben

Project Coordinator of the PREVIEW project and head of the Obesity Research Group in the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports (NEXS) of the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen. Denmark. Anne has 20 years of experience working in industry and academia on obesity, human nutrition and diabetes.

Professor Mikael Fogelholm

Professor in Public Health Nutrition, Department of Food and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland. Mikael was previously director of the Health Research Unit at the Academy of Finland (2007-2011), and the UKK-institute for Health Promotion and Research,Tampere, Finland (2001-2007).

Professor Edith Feskens

Professor in Nutrition and Metabolic Syndrome at Wageningen University. Previously Edith worked at the Dutch National Institute of Public Health. She is also Principal Investigator of NQplus, a longitudinal study on diet and health, and involved in the nutrition part of various other Dutch cohorts, such as LifeLines.

Professor Margriet S. Westerterp Plantenga

Professor of Food Intake Regulation in Humans, at Maastricht University, Netherlands, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, Nutrim School of Nutrition, Department of Human Biology. Margriet’s research focuses on energy and macronutrient balance and substrate oxidation, in the perspective of regulation of body-weight and body-composition, in the context of obesity.

Professor Ian Macdonald

Professor of Metabolic Physiology at the University of Nottingham, UK, and Director of Research for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Ian’s research interests are concerned with the functional consequences of metabolic and nutritional disturbances in health and disease, with specific interests in obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and exercise.

Alfredo Martinez

Alfredo is Professor in Human Nutrition at the University of Navarra and co-director of the Institute of Nutritional Science at Navarra University. He is Principal Investigator for a portfolio of research projects in the areas of Nutrition and Genetics.

Svetoslav Todorov Handjiev

Svetolsav is a leading specialist in the field of nutrition, obesity and metabolic diseases. He has more than 30 years’ experience with the problems of nutrition in transport workers, prevention and treatment of obesity, application of bee products in dietetics, inventor of different food supplements.

Professor Gareth Stratton

Professor Stratton is Director of the Sports, Exercise Technology and Medicine at Swansea University and chairs the Research into Exercise Activity and Children's Health (REACH) group. Gareth is also an adjunct Professor of Paediatric Exercise Science at the University of Western Australia.

Professor Wolfgang Schlicht

Professor in Exercise and Health Science, University of Stuttgart, Germany. Wolfgang works in research within the area of exercise and physical activity promoting health. His field covers prevention of non-communicable diseases and promotion of wellbeing, especially in the elderly (successful ageing).

Claus Meyer

Gastronomic entrepreneur, affiliated professor and co-founder of the restaurant Noma. For more than 20 years, Claus has been pointing out shortcomings and possibilities within the Danish food culture – whether through food policy business, lectures, participation in the public food debate or his TV programmes and cookbooks.

Tony Lam

Director of NetUnion, a research driven SME specialising in the research and development of technology-enhanced solutions for online data collections and behavioral interventions. Tony has directed the technical development of online programs for the promotion of healthy lifestyles and chronic disease self-management.

Jouko Sundvall

A chemist by profession, Prof Sundvall’s main areas of activity are clinical chemistry, analytical chemistry and laboratory quality systems. Jouko is currently acting as the Head of the Disease Risk Unit at THL. He has been responsible for laboratory management at the National Institute for Health and Welfare (former National Public Health Institute) since 1996.

Professor Jennie Brand-Miller

Professor Jennie Brand-Miller holds a Personal Chair in Human Nutrition in the Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise and Eating Disorders and the School of Molecular Bioscience, at the University of Sydney. She manages a glycemic index (or GI) testing service for industry and is founding President of the GI Foundation, a not-for-profit initiative that encourages healthy low GI food choices around the world (

Professor Sally Poppitt

Professor Poppitt holds the Fonterra Chair in Human Nutrition at the University of Auckland. Sally is the founding director of the Human Nutrition Unit, a residential nutrition intervention facility. Her research has been focused on the prevention and treatment of conditions arising from poor nutrition such overweight, metabolic dysregulation, diabetes and cardiovascular risk.

Professor Angelo Tremblay

Angelo is Professor at the Department of Kinesiology at Laval University, Quebec City and one of the founders of the Quebec Family Study. He studies the factors that affect the energy balance of individuals, including the links between physical activity and nutrition.

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