This study is recruiting participants who live in Sydney and can attend regular visits to the University of Sydney campus.

Welcome to the Sydney site of the PREVIEW Study

Are you overweight? Do you lose weight but have trouble keeping it off? If so, you could be at risk of diabetes. Professors Jennie Brand-Miller and Amanda Salis from the University of Sydney are looking for volunteers to take part in a free weight loss maintenance program. If you are between the ages of 25 and 70 years and interested in being a participant, please read on.

The PREVIEW intervention study is a multi-centre trial among participants at risk of developing diabetes, that is, overweight or obese, and with risk factors for diabetes. The trial will be performed in 6 European countries (Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Netherlands, UK) as well as Australia and New Zealand. A total of 2500 participants are to be recruited worldwide, 310 in Sydney. All participants are first treated by a low-energy formula diet for 8 weeks, with the aim losing at least 8% of body weight. Participants will then start one of the two different diets and one of the two exercise regimes for a total of 148 weeks. The goal is to prevent diabetes by preventing weight re-gain and by independent metabolic effects of diet and physical activity.

The two diet interventions are:
Moderate-protein, moderate GI or High-protein, low GI. Both diets are composed by using healthy food items.

The two exercise interventions are:
Moderate-intensity (no puffing) or High intensity (some puffing)

Participants will be supervised in groups by dietitians and exercise physiologists throughout the study.

Are you eligible to participate?

Even if you are not eligible for PREVIEW, you may be eligible for other weight loss trials that we are conducting. If so, we will contact you with more information. Thank you for registering your interest in participating in our weight loss trials at the University of Sydney.

Would you like to know more?

Please contact The Preview Study Team

Call or SMS 0434 751 015 or email   

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